Monday, June 21, 2010

Recipe: Pan-fried Catfish Fillets

Catfish is the likely the least expensive of your local grocery store's seafood selections. If properly prepared, it can also be one of the most delicious.


1. Catfish fillets (enough to feed you and your family/friends)
2. All-purpose flour
3. Mrs. Dash®
4. Sesame Oil (enough to coat the bottom of a large pan)
5. 1 tablespoon salted butter
6. Salt
7. Lime and/or vinegar (chef's choice or whatever is available)


1. Cut fillets into pieces about the width of your spatula
2. Sprinkle a a fair amount of Mrs. Dash® on either side of each fillet
3. Toss each fillet in flour until well coated
4. Heat a large frying pan at med/high on the stove
5. Coat the bottom of the pan generously with sesame oil
6. When oil is hot, throw in the butter (scoot around in pan until it melts)
7. Put in the fillets. Try to position the thicker ones closest to the center of the pan to even out the cooking time.
8. Add salt/lime/vinegar in desired amounts while cooking. Do not add too much at once or the pan temperature will drop
9. Flip when edges are brown
10. Peek at the undersides of the fillets from time to time until they are about as brown as the first side.
11. Remove from heat and serve.

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