Monday, June 21, 2010

Recipe: Winning French Toast

Impressive french toast. If you have a reasonably equipped spice rack, you should be able to whip this one up anytime as long as you keep bread and eggs in the house. Feeds about two people.


1. Multigrain bread (choose the kind fresh baked in the store over the pre-packaged variety)
2. Vanilla extract (It's expensive, but one bottle goes a long way. Choose organic if your budget allows or at least without artificial ingredients.)
3. Nutmeg
4. Ground Cinnamon
5. Honey (teaspoon)
6. Half and half
7. 1 egg
8. 1 tablespoon butter
9. Real maple syrup (I prefer grade B, it's heartier and less expensive)


1. Break an egg into a large mixing bowl
2. Add two shakes each of nutmeg and cinnamon, a capful of vanilla extract (about half a teaspoon), honey, and a splash of half and half.
3. Whisk vigorously with a fork until homogeneous
4. Heat a frying pan on medium, add butter when warm
5. Dip slices of bread into egg mixture until bread is soaked. This should only take a couple seconds for each (I use the smaller pieces toward the ends of the loaf so I can save the larger slices for sandwiches.)
6. Cook until brown on both sides
7. Serve with maple syrup

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